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Interview: Hindsights chat to Alt Dialogue

Alt Dialogue recently had chance to catch up with current British emo sensations Hindsights, read our interview below and familiarise yourself with our review of Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes here.

Hi Guys, we’re huge fans of ‘Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes’ at Alt Dialogue. Although the lyrical content of the album could be considered “sad” or “emotional” we found it to be therapeutic and uplifting. How was it to record an album that is so blatantly personal?
Hey! Thanks very much, it’s awesome that you took those things away from listening to the record. I guess it should be scary to be writing so personally, right? It is, to an extent. Along with an almost polar opposite feeling of some sort of weight being ‘lifted’ off my shoulders.

Were there any particular themes within the album that where difficult to deal with or commit to record?
Yes. Lyrics were also changed up last minute so they didn’t sound so morbid!
Do you have any favourite tracks from the album?
I guess the songs we’ll be performing live on this upcoming tour have been the ones we wanted to play as soon as possible, so come to a show and find out.
With the lyrical content, people will find it easy to classify you as an “emo” band. Do you have any problems with this or does it allow you to flourish?
Emo, Rock, Punk…It’s all guitar-based music, right?!
‘Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes’ has received glowing press, how proud of it are you?
Very. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t, although we’d also be lying if we said we were expecting it, which we definitely were not. The reaction to the record has blown our minds.

You released a live video of the full set from your sold out album release show, which looked superb. How important is playing live and connecting with the fans to you all?
We had so much fun man, there’s a shot as the video fades to black were we turn around and I keel over to put my head into my palms, probably crying, I don’t remember! The live setting is why we’re in this band.
You’ve got a few tour dates with Richa coming up, what can fans expect on the tour?
Some really loud rock music.
2015 is bound to be a busy year for the band, what else do you guys have planned?
We’re playing with Make Do And Mend show at Birthdays, May 12th. We’ll be appearing in London at ‘secret’ location in April, look out for that. We’re on tour throughout Europe and the United Kingdom with a band from the US this summer. Can’t really say much about it yet, but we’re damn excited and you definitely will be too!


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