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EP Review: Kings by We Like Humans

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

We Like Humans are an alternative rock three piece from Preston formed in April 2012 – who set the tone of what to expect in their bio as ‘ fierce and chugging riffs blended with face smashing drums’; and have recently put out a new EP entitled Kings. You can see their own summary being evident as soon as you hit play on the opener to the EP ‘Castles’. Drummer Beth Pawson’s style gives the right kind of momentum to the songs, while the bass and guitar provide the right kind of ferocity to draw you in as a listener. Title track ‘Kings’ carries on this momentum and allows the band to show off a sound that wouldn’t be out of place with some of the bands making it into the mainstream at the minute such as Twin Atlantic.

‘You weren’t there’ takes an more mellow, slower approach and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Three Doors Down or Seether record, this is no bad thing, but for some it may not be their cup of tea. Last song ‘Tracks’ is back to the heavier sound that the other tracks on the EP deliver, and is the right end note to a solid EP.

Kings as an EP based on solid musicianship, which showcases a range of abilities, with vocals that fit sit well with the melodies. For me the EP sounds a little too safe for it to be something I’d personally go to – a little of a throwback to some of the bands I dabbled in when I was finding my feet in terms of the music loved, but from an objective point of view these guys (and girl) are a talented bunch, and I’d certainly give them a shot if they toured near me.

I think for me the opener ‘Castles’ is the stand out track on this EP, though closer ‘Tracks’ gives it a run for its money.

Guest Reviewer rating: 7/10

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