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EP Review: Dogged by You, Me & Everyone We Know

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

First up I have a bit of a confession, I really love You Me & Everyone We Know – I met Ben Liebsch at Slam Dunk last year after seeing him do a solo set (it was awesome) and as such I had been waiting for new You Me & Everyone We Know material for a damn long time. Step froward the Dogged EP, the first effort since I Wish More People Gave a Shit in 2013 – and the first full band effort since Ben Liebsch took the act solo in the same year.

As with all of You, Me, and Everyone We Know’s work, this EP is stuffed full of great choruses and witty lyrics, which are of a similar ilk to Say Anything and older You, Me, and Everyone We Know. Every track here is memorable in its own way, and the kind of record that you can keep revisiting and find something new to love. This EP is a testament to the struggles that Liebsch has faced, and come out a better person; in ‘Eat My Hands’ the line “Desperate times call for a creative spark.” is what this record is all about – taking tough times and making the best of them.

For me the high point of this EP is ‘A Pleasant Bummer’ – a chance for Liebsch to show off his vocal talent and songwriting skills with just an acoustic guitar for support, but honestly I’d be hard-pressed to find fault here (yeah I’m a fan boy) other than it’s not a full length record. If you want a good place to start with this EP, then take lead single ‘Does It Amaze Thee’.


Guest Reviewer Rating 9/10


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