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Album Review: These Walls Hold Nothing… by Twin Planets

Liverpool based alt rock band Twin Planets release their debut album These Walls Hold Nothing But The Death Of All We Hold Dear on the 1st April. The album marks a departure from the synth led focus of their 2012 self titled EP, this time it’s all about textured guitars and groove.

You may have encountered Twin Planets before, they’ve appeared and performed on an episode of C4’s Hollyoaks and secured a place on ‘Taste Masters 3’, a compilation album assembled and released by Manchester label, The  Laboratory Project.

Opener ‘Centipede’ delivers up a sound which wavers towards post rock, but comes out sounding like a more accessible version – ready for the mass market. ‘Forces’ is an excellent alt rock track, while ‘Communicator’ takes all the most accessible parts of Minus The Bear, turns up the dial on the catchiness and ends up being the most instantaneous track on the album.

‘Divisions’ and ‘Intervallics’ carry on the same trend, but never quite hit that high mark. ‘Interplay’ and ‘Empires’ bring things back to the previous high standard with the former having a grand epic feeling – intricate guitars sit perfectly beside blasting riffs and quiet / loud / quiet approach works wonderfully.

While the sound of Twin Planets is accessible and will certainly have mass appeal, some people may find the vocal hard to get past. Imagine Tom Smith from the Editors but less easy on the ear. Generally it doesn’t detract from the sound, you just get the feeling it could take more of a back seat.

These Walls Hold Nothing But The Death Of All We Hold Dear is an enjoyable listen and ‘Communicator’ and ‘Spies’ it hits some very high points. The rest of the album seems to be playing catch up. What is clear though, Twin Planets have bags of potential and you should be paying attention.

AD Rating 6/10



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