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EP Review: Sunday Songs by Blind Mice

Emo alt-rock act Blind Mice release their second EP Sunday Songs worldwide on the 17th March. It’s a phenomenal blend of 90’s alt-rock and 00’s emo, yet sounds completely unique and fresh.

Cohesive and tight sounding, you get the impression that with Sunday Songs you’re listening to a band on the brink of something special. ‘Nervous’ kicks the EP off with a punk energy and snarl that gets the blood pumping. ‘Home Movies’ is raucous yet has an infectious and refined quality that means you can’t help falling in love with it.

While the band mix elements of Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Polar Bear Club, it feels impossible to pigeon hole the band into one specific genre. They blend it all together in a neat and enjoyable package. The fact that the band recorded Sunday Songs almost immediately after 2014’s Comedown suggests that this is a band on a roll. If this progression is anything to go by, Blind Mice are going to be huge.

‘Fifteen’ is a teenage lament, incredibly infectious it suckers you in and you cannot help but to sing-a-long and dance. ‘Madame Ruby’ has an air of The Pixies mixed with The Menzingers – unsurprisingly it’s instantaneous and enthralling. While ‘Barbara’s Bar’ may be one of the more down tempo tracks its every bit as captivating and enjoyable. ‘Drifter’ ends the EP in great style, upbeat and infectious you can’t help but immerse yourself in the waves of guitar.

Sunday Songs is a great EP, take our advice and get in on the Blind Mice action now before they’re everybody’s favourite band.

AD Rating 9/10.


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