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Album Review: The Great Give Back by Heartless Breakers

American emo alt-rock band Heartless Breakers released their debut full length album, The Great Give Back, on the 10th March. It’s a storming 10 tracks full of big hooks, emo lyrics and commanding riffs that demand that you dance along.

Two years, two tours, two EPs, and two cities to call home. The story of Heartless Breakers starts with the demise of guitarist Matt Mascarenas’ former band, Daytrader. Following the breakup and living on the east coast, Mascarenas returned to Salt Lake City where he teamed up with vocalist Chase Griffis and drummer Bryan Lee to form Heartless Breakers. Upon his return the trio began working right away and penned their debut release – the Prescriptions EP. Following its release in mid 2013, the band quickly followed the EP with Lighter Doses a short half-year later. Heartless Breakers then hit the road for two tours of the west coast and Midwest. When they returned home, guitarist Sean Jurewicz joined the band, turning the trio into a four-piece.

‘Right Mistakes’ is a short and snappy before ‘Carbon Copy’ really kicks the album off in style. The guitar work is of the highest grade while the hooks sucker you in and engrain themselves to your very core. ‘Everything I Can’t’ is an early standout track, it’ll remind you of Thrice and Taking Back Sunday and again the guitar riffs are instantaneous, you’ll be singing “I can do this on my own” for hours afterwards.

‘Presence Unknown’ will get the blood rushing before things take a welcome laid back interlude with the fantastic ‘An Aching Kind of Growing’. It’s full of emotion before the track explodes with a cacophony of guitars at the 1 minute 30 mark. Glorious stuff. ‘Subdued’ deals with the frustrations of everyday life; the lyrical content is something anybody can relate to, while the hooks and neat riffs sucker you in leaving you begging for more.

‘Return to Sender’ is a great track – pulling at your heartstrings – this is modern emo done to the highest standard. Here at Alt Dialogue we’re huge fans of an album closer done well and with title track ‘The Great Give Back’ you couldn’t ask for more. It may be short but it does everything it should within two minutes – soaring and commanding it finishes the album in real style.

The Great Give Back is a strong and raucous debut album. You get the feeling that Heartless Breakers have ounces of potential and if this is a glimpse of things to come then they’re going to be huge.

AD Rating: 7.5/10



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