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EP Review: Yellow Streak by Simmer

British ambient-punks Simmer release their new EP Yellow Streak on the 30th March. Simply put it’s a phenomenal EP, marrying punk energy with shoegaze sensibilities with a smattering of emotive hardcore, you get the feeling that you’re listening to something truly special.

‘Douse’ gets the EP of to a thumping start before ‘Head Trip’ channels all the best parts of Title Fight. While the lyrics strike an emotive chord, the refined punk riffs do the real talking, letting you connect with the very core of the band.

With the release coming on Brighton-based punk and hardcore-championing independent label Dog Knights Productions it gives the band the opportunity to deliver their sound to a wider audience and add a different element to the UK punk scene. ‘We’re so pleased to be working with our favourite label in the country on this release’ comments Julius Schiazza from the band, ‘I think we’ve really developed and pushed our sound on the new record with the addition of aspects from the noise and shoegaze genres, I’m hoping we can seriously challenge the conventions for our niche’.”

‘Laying Odds’ pushes the boat out with an expansive and swirling sound that will captivate any discernible listener while ‘Yellow Streak’ perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the preceding three tracks with a stunning punk structure and refined structure.

Get in on the Simmer action now. They have the talent to challenge established American ambient-punk bands and deliver something that the UK punk scene has been missing. Yellow Streak is an accomplished and thrilling EP.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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