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EP Review: Atlas Will Atone by Atlas Will Atone

Welsh post-hardcore act Atlas Will Atone released their debut self titled EP at the end of February. It’s a stunning slab of six prime cuts of post-hardcore. Full of massive riffs and vocals that reach into your very core and tug at your heartstrings.

Atlas Will Atone are five people who all found themselves searching for new beginnings after the collapse of previous bands. Pouring all their energy and frustrations into a new venture, they’ve spent the last two years writing and cutting their teeth on the UK live circuit. This EP is the end product and it’s enthralling and captivating.

‘Alive Again’ gives a nod towards countrymen Funeral For A Friend. The melodies and hooks are every bit as instantaneous and Atlas Will Atone have replicated the skill and knack of hitting a superb crunching riff. ‘Hollow’ shows the heavier side to the band, the vocal is more abrasive and the guitars strike a heavier chord. It’s just as accessible and enjoyable.

It’s when Atlas Will Atone can marry those crunching riffs and superb hooks that they’re at their best. ‘Deadweight’ is superb – blast beats and devastating riffs sit alongside a wonderful hook that begs to be sung along to. ‘Drift’ acts as an interlude before the stunning ‘Midnight Oil’ closes. A terrific EP closer, ‘Midnight Oil’ encapsulates the feeling and finest qualities of the preceding five tracks.

As a statement of intent, this EP couldn’t do a better job. Atlas Will Atone are a band with bags of potential and if they push on from this release then they’re going to be huge.

AD Rating 8/10

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