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Album Review: Restarter by Torche

Stoner metalers Torche return with their new album Restarter, released on the 23rd March, it features some their heaviest work to date. Hell, at points it’s devastatingly heavy. Torche have carved out a niche that nobody comes close to replicating. They mix doom riffs with sugar coated pop melodies, making some of the most crushingly heavy yet instantaneous music known to man.

Restarter picks up where 2012’s Harmonicraft left off, yet manages to turn everything up several notches. You’ll have to brace yourself before listening to this record, it’ll blow you away. ‘Annihilation Affair’ gets things off to a brutal start with seismic riffs that’ll make your whole sound system shake. It’s a visceral force to open album with, but it works perfectly. ‘Bishop In Arms’ sees the first real appearance of the pop melodies. The catchy melody over the top of frantic blast beats is superb and an enthralling listen.

‘Minions’ is perhaps the most accessible track on Restarter. The vocal is commanding yet easy on the ear, while the ferocious sludgey riffs power the track. The track opens up around the three minute mark with an assault of expansive and intricate guitars. It’ll transport you to some apocalyptic dream wasteland full of industrial machinery and magical creatures. ‘Loose Men’ contains the catchiest guitar hook Torche have ever produced. While being rooted in heavy stoner rock, the track comes out sounding upbeat and euphoric.

‘Undone’ is another assault to the senses – crushingly heavy with blast beats pounding through to your very core. It’s impossible not to immerse yourself in the gloriously short barrage of guitars and bass – mind blowing. Both ‘Blasted’ and ‘No Servants’ deliver prime cuts of stoner rock. The former gives a short blast of melodies over thunderous riffs while the latter plays more of a long game, drawing out the intro. Every bit as heavy, just slower and the melody is a tad more subtle.

‘Believe It’ will astound with its groove and devastating riffs before ‘Barrier Hammer’ delivers the single most crushingly heavy track of Restarter – perhaps even album of 2015. It is executed perfectly though – it doesn’t overwhelm yet pushes and challenges you – utterly superb. Title track and album closer ‘Restarter’ is epic 8 minute opus. It encapsulates the feel of the album perfectly, taking all the different textures and elements to form one breathtaking track.

Restarter is an essential listen for a discerning guitar music fan. This is a master class in producing heavy yet accessible music. It’ll astound and blow you away; it’ll challenge you and make you question what you’ve just heard. Most importantly it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen from beginning to end.

AD Rating 8.5/10


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