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Album Review: Lives Lived by Fathoms

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Fathoms are a five piece hardcore band from Brighton – about to head on the road with Attila. The band has been working the underground circuits both in the UK and the US and picked up a good following – managing to get the attention of Ghost/Artery records (Sworn In, Gideon & Being As An Ocean are three of their other releases) as the label to release their first record, Lives Lived on March 2nd. Recorded by Ben Humphreys at Outhouse Studios; who has worked with some of the big names of the UK circuit like Enter Shikari and Architects.

The first impression you get when hitting is WOW. Lives Lived kicks off in your face with ‘Hate Resonates’, and it doesn’t stop. There’s a pleasing variety on this record, it’s not just non stop brutality, there’s some more mellow aspects of it (‘Inhale Exhale’; ‘Sleeping Dreaming’) which make it more of an experience, but plenty of venom and angst that would make your mum question ‘what that racket is’.

This isn’t an album for the faint hearted, it is brutal, it’s in your face and it’s unrelenting. It’s not going to be for everyone, but if you like big riffs, fast drumming and hardcore with a bit of a swagger about it, then this is worth your time – blastbeats and breakdowns are something I’m a fan of – so this record is right up my street. ‘Hell’ and ‘Dilated Dreaming’ are absolute monsters and worth a listen for anyone!

For me I think that the standout track is ‘Bloodlines’ musically bits of this sounds like Suicide Season era BMTH – a band I adore so this was pleasing – it’s one of those songs you hear at first and know right away the repeat button is going to have to get used. Lives Lived is a record that I will definitely be going back to, and Fathoms have gained a fan in me, I’m pretty keen to see how they shape up live on the Attila tour!

For fans of: Bury Tomorrow; Parkway Drive, Architects


Matt’s rating: 8/10

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