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Album Review: Flickering Light Of An Inner War by A Plastic Rose

A Plastic Rose officially release their new album Flickering Light Of An Inner War at the beginning of March. From the outset it’s a phenomenal piece of alt-rock – powerful and commanding it is full of big hooks, catchy choruses, top quality musicianship and a life affirming energy that compels you to sing-a-long to every track.

This release is goes against the mould though, it’s already available to stream on Spotify and by ordering your copy of the album on Pledge Music, you’ll gain access to exclusive bonus content, video clips and much more – all direct from A Plastic Rose themselves. There’s also exclusive merchandise and experiences on offer, such as signed set lists, hand-written lyrics and the ultra-intimate Belfast show, where just 50 dedicated Pledgers can enjoy APR live, loud and up close. In the band’s own words… “As everyone knows the music industry is in a very strange place and nobody really knows what to do or where to go. The Spotify debate is one that we’ve been keeping a close eye on recently and there’s a lot of negative vibes towards it but one fact is that fifty million people use Spotify so it’s the best place to have your music. We decided to do something that, to our knowledge, hasn’t been done before and to make the album available on Spotify 3 months before the release. To make it a bit more exciting we didn’t want to give any warning, just tell people as soon as it was available so they can listen to it way before they were expecting.  When you purchase an album on a digital retail site you are giving the band a set amount of cash but with streaming on sites like Spotify you are giving the band a little every single time you play it and that all adds up. If you want to have a physical copy then you can buy our amazing 12″ gatefold double record with red and blue coloured vinyl.

If you don’t have a record player you can listen to our new record on Spotify. We’re still at a stage where we are a small band trying to build a fan base and unlike some massive selling artists we’re not in a situation where we can ignore Spotify, not that we would want to! In fact we feel we must embrace it and hope that people will actually stream the record and then maybe pay to download the album when it is released, OR (and this is the best way to support us) come see us play next time we tour. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy.” Gerry Norman, (Vocals/Guitar)

Although Flickering Light Of An Inner War may pick up where 2012’s Camera.Shutter.Life left off, there is an immediate step up in confidence and quality. ‘Pumping Blood’ quite literally gets you going, creating an excitement and anticipation for what is about to come. The chorus ‘Autumn Eases You Into The Dark’ is infectious and impossible not to sing-a-long to. From that the tone of the remaining 12 tracks is set. There’s not a single weak track, every track is a potential anthem, with charting single written all over it.

Even with one listen to Flickering Light Of An Inner War you’ll question why A Plastic Rose aren’t a bigger band. All their initial potential has been realised here, and if there’s any justice in today’s music industry then this release will catapult the band into upper echelons of the Alt-Rock genre. ‘Move Islands’ and ‘Boxes’ are rock songs of the highest calibre. Whereas before you could see A Plastic Rose as a combination of Biffy Clyro and Snow Patrol, they’ve now come into their own – creating a sound which is thrilling and unique.

‘Garavogue’ is a superb ballad, with the vocal tugging at your heartstrings. It’s highly emotive and striking; you’ll be hard pushed to find a better slow song on any release this year. That purple streak is continued with the implausibly brilliant ‘This Side Of Winter’ and ‘Someone’s Daughter’. The latter is something particularly special, from the outset it acts as monstrous rock behomouth, the throbbing guitars and guttural screams send a shiver down your spine. You’ll scream along to the chorus before the track builds up to its climatic end.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much we love an epic album closer, with ‘Be A Phoenix’, A Plastic Rose tick all the right boxes. From its gentle piano led intro to the euphoric chorus and hooks leave you begging for more and with it you’ll inevitably give Flickering Light Of An Inner War another spin.

Undeniably the best work A Plastic Rose have done to date, Flickering Light Of An Inner war should see the band getting the credit deserve and becoming one the biggest rock acts in the UK. Formidable and compelling, this is a master class in anthemic alt-rock. Essential listening.

AD Rating 10/10.

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