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Album Review: The Subways by The Subways

The Subways released their fourth album The Subways at the beginning of February, and while we can only apologise for being late to the party, do yourself a favour and get all over this album as your top priority.

You know what you’re getting with the The Subways – good honest rock music. It’s laced with big hooks, riffs and catchy choruses. With their self titled fourth album the band don’t move away from their tried and tested formula, but why should they when it works so wonderfully.

‘My Heart Is Pumping to a Brand New Beat’ and ‘I’m In Love And It’s Burning In My Soul’ are excellent openers and amongst the best work produced by the band. ‘Dirty Muddy Paws’ is infectious, you’ll find it engraining itself in your mind and swirling round there for hours. ‘Good Times’ is classic The Subways, the male / female harmonies begging to be sung-a-long to. As always the guitars sound excellent and the rhythm section drives the track along, all coming together perfectly.

‘Because Of You (Negative Love)’ will take you back to the early 2000s. Coming out sounding similar to Dirty Pretty Things and bands of their indie-rock ilk. It’s a gorgeous soft rock ballad. ‘Just Like Jude’ reignites that punk rock energy that is synonymous with the band, before the album highlight ‘We Get Around’ bursts into life. Its life affirming rock music, it places a firework under your arse and compels you to move and dance around.

‘Pet Boy’ is lary and boisterous. Defiant lyrics and a swagger to the riffs make it easy to imagine as a future live favourite. The screamed vocal in ‘Black Letter’ with its bluesy riff and chanted chorus makes for another high calibre track. ‘Is That Enough’ brings things to close in style and in short it isn’t enough. You find yourself sticking The Subways on repeat, listen after listen.

It’d be fair to say The Subways aren’t breaking any barriers here, but they don’t need to. They’ve found a formula that works and in this self titled album they may just have produced their best work to date. Infectious and instantaneous we really cannot get enough.

AD Rating 8/10


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