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Album Review: Everything Is Fine by Hawk Eyes

English rockers Hawk Eyes released their storming new album Everything Is Fine at the beginning of the week. Everything is more than fine; everything is coming up rosy for the Yorkshire quintet. Things have been on the up for Hawk Eyes since the release of 2010’s Modern Bodies, a career interspersed with critical acclaim and support from the mainstream media this was ramped up a notch with 2012’s Ideas. As such Everything Is Fine is the perfect opportunity to kick on and move to the next level.

‘The Trap’ is a solid opener, while ‘The Ambassador’ sets the tone for the rest of the album with it heavy riffs and defiant lyrics. It’s enjoyable and easy to listen to. ‘Die Trying’ is the first sound of real quality. The driving riffs and grooves are delectable, they’ll engrain themselves and you’ll find yourself throwing yourself around the room.

‘Permission’ is the archetypical UK rock song – thunderous riffs, big hooks, exciting and accessible. The screamed vocal is a real treat. ‘The Ballad Of Michael McGlue’ and ‘More Than A Million’ are excellent mainstream rock songs, worthy of praise…. However you just get the feeling that this isn’t Hawk Eyes taking it to the next level. This is a band oozing with potential – they’ve got the ability to be the biggest rock band in the UK – Everything Is Fine could well catapult them to that station it’s a ridiculously strong album, you just feel there’s something missing.

Perhaps Everything Is Fine is a tad over produced. The missing element seems to be a lack of raw energy; the urgency is there though (particularly evident on ‘More Than A Million’) which kind of makes up for it. These misgivings won’t impact upon the majority of listeners, and anybody with a passing interest in rock music will enjoy this record a lot.

‘Terribly Quelled’ acts as the antithesis to the previous opinion – more akin to the snarling Hawkeyes of old – it comes out sounding somewhere between Therapy?, System of A Down and Tool. Delightful. Title track ‘Everything Is Fine’ and ‘Enemies’ are both storming tracks of the highest order, the latter’s intro, crushing riffs and sumptuous hooks are a particular highlight.

While Everything Is Fine may have its faults, it does deliver on mass appeal. You can imagine many of these songs being belted out on the festival circuit this summer. A strong and commanding album, this is mainstream hard rock done to a very high standard.

AD Rating 7.5/10


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