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Album Review: Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes by Hindsights

Berkshire alt-rock quartet Hindsights release their stunning  full-length debut album Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes on the 23rd March. It’s an effervescent slab of alt-rock taking equal parts of American emo/post-hardcore and UK hook laden rock.

It’s an enthralling listen from beginning to end, clocking in at just shy of 30 minutes it’s a short and snappy roller coaster – blistering with energy and infectious hooks. You’ll find it impossible not to sing-a-long, blissfully enjoying all 10 tracks before sticking it on repeat.

‘Everything Inside Me Echoed’ gets things off to a mellow start. The gentle vocal and delicate guitar eases you into Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes before the dual harmonies let the track simmer. When then payload hits, the euphoric guitars thump in and you know this is going to become one of your favourite albums of 2015. ‘Cold Walls’ take the ferocious hooks of an early Funeral For A Friend mixing it with a refined and accomplished alt-rock sound. The guitars drive, drums pound and you’ll find yourself hollering the chorus. It flows seamlessly into the brilliant ‘Pensive’, while the lyrics may share the feeling of the of the song title, it feels like a defiant call to arms. As will become a common theme with Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes the dual vocals work superbly and the breakdown in the riffs send a shiver down your spine.

It’s hard not to get excited when listening to Hindsights. You get the real feeling you are witnessing something special, a band on the cusp of great things. The sound here mightn’t be anything new, but it sounds fresh and it’s executed perfectly. ‘See You Soon’ takes all the best parts of modern American emo – imagine Somos and Sorority Noise – mixes it with elements of Prawn and ends up sounding like one of the most invigorating tracks so far this year. ‘Out Of My Skull’ is perfection; it’s a touch heavier, mixing those sumptuous hooks with some devastating riffs.

‘Colour, Blind’ has some ridiculously catchy riffs and the harmonies are outstanding while ‘Daze’ will leave you begging for a repeat. ‘Waiting Room’ acts as a quiet interlude – you’ll need a respite before those big emo-tinged hooks kick in again. Beautiful stuff. ‘Cloudy Eyes’ gives you a defiant anthem before the highlight of the album takes things to a close. ‘Sore’ is an astounding track. The job of any good album closer is to encapsulate the feel of the album while leaving the listener begging for more – ‘Sore’ couldn’t do its job any better. The riffs soar and rise; quiet and loud parts come together wonderfully while you’ll find yourself singing-a-log to every single word. The guitars at the 3 minute mark come together in a kaleidoscope of noise before a final run through of the chorus makes it nigh on impossible not to start all over again.

Instantaneous and infectious from the beginning, Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes is one album that you must hear. Simply superb, it’s impossible not to fall in love with. Hindsights are a band on the rise, get in on the action now!

AD Rating 10/10.


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