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EP Review: Under Our Sky by Pocket Apocalypse

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

First things first, I was guilty of prejudice here, before I hit the play button I’d read the words ‘post-rock’ and ‘math rock’ in the summary of the band and their sound. This sometimes puts me off a little, simply because they often sound like pretentious titles for being a bit more technically proficient with the music. Don’t get me wrong I like something that’s a little different; I just dislike the labels that get hung on them. However it took all of thirty seconds to realise that it was unwarranted apprehension, once opener ‘Glass’ kicked in. ‘Glass’ itself hooks your attention and I have to say in parts sounds a little like Incubus.

Pocket Apocalypse are a four piece from Liverpool; who although only in their formative stages have already managed support slots with the likes of MinionTV, This Town Needs Guns, Cleft, Victor Villarreal, God Damn, Fatherson.

‘The Missing Piece’ is the lead single from this release, and it is a great way to ease yourself in to the band and the style that they have and the influences that they fuse together. It starts slowly with tightly toned down instrumentals and vocals, before building itself up to a chorus with massive guitar riffs and great melodies that sound like some of the bands stated as their influences.

Stand out track for me is ‘What’s Left Behind’, it’s a little more delicate and mellow, something I am often a sucker for. Although conversely ‘Hollow’ the second track on the record is punchier and fast paced, it’s hard to say which I prefer.

The biggest thing for me is how musically tight it all is. The whole record is polished and on point, but they make it all sound huge. Given a shot on a tour with someone that can push them on to new audiences, then there’s every chance that great things could come their way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making a festival appearance at some point soon, because technically they are on point and they have crafted a debut that is definitely worth a listen! My only disappointment here is that I’d have liked a little more of ‘Remainder’. For a debut record the craft and musicianship here is impressive, and I can only expect bigger things to come!


For fans of: Queens of the stone age, 65daysofstatic, Incubus

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