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EP Review: Swell by Drug Church

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Drug Church are a band that have hooked my attention since the first time I stumbled across their 2013 LP Paul Walker. There’s something different about this band, the style and the music are not something that can be pigeonholed like similar artists. A project of one of the core parts of End Of A Year/ Self Defense Family Patrick Kindlon; there is a vocal presence here that blends speaking shouting and singing, and a grungey nineties vibe about the music, but this is fused with a more up front punk/hardcore style.

But does it work? Is the opener, and frankly it’s a continuation of the brilliant Paul Walker. Except it’s bigger and more intense. Patrick Kindlon has a sarcastic, cutting lyrical style, which is a perfect fit to the musical background set by the rest of the band. For me Ghost Dad is the track that gets me reaching for the repeat button, but this whole EP is a snarling swaggering record that hooks you in. Some might try and say this is a band aiming to emulate the past, but if that’s the case then they are doing it better than most.

For fans of: Touche Amore, La Dispute, Self Defense Family


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