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Feature: Singles, Videos and Tracks round up / February 2015

It’s that time again where we round up the hottest new singles, videos, and tracks that came to our attention in the last week. We’ve got some corkers in here, so strap yourselves in and enjoy.

Faceless Ghost by Stoneghost
Unbridled heavy metal. I needn’t say much more as that sums up the track perfectly. Big crunch riffs, snarling vocals and pounding drums. It has nods towards the Mastodon of old with more blast beats and a smattering of In Flames. A sneak preview of what is to come from their new album in April.


Flow by Raised Fist
If Stoneghost didn’t satisfy your thirst for riffs, let Raised Fist do the job. It’s a slab of blistering hardcore punk. The riffs swirl and pummel, the vocal is ferocious and it’ll beat you to within an inch of your life. The last minute of the track sees a brilliant breakdown and build up, an ideal way to release any pent up aggression.


I Am The One by Parastatic
Need something different after that? I Am The One is the ideal remedy. We don’t often feature Krautrock, but this track is superb. Hypnotic and beautiful, let the synths and bass groove wash over you and bask in its glory. The guitar work is subtle and the vocal is superb.


Awful Things by From Indian Lakes
A brilliant slice of alt-rock. The vocals are light and fragile while the acoustic guitars provide a haunting background. The drumming just comes in on the right of heavy, before the track explodes around the 2 minute 30 mark. It’s almost like a mainstream version of Foxing. The video is a real treat too.


Memories of Redfern by Gilmore Trail
Mixing things up once again, this is your real treat of the day. Glorious and masterful post-rock from this Sheffield based quartet. It does what all brilliant instrumental music does and hits you emotionally – the fantastic guitar work doing more than a thousand words ever could. The track builds and builds toward it euphoric final 2 and half minutes. Simply superb.


Always Chasing Me by Alcoa
Taken from their forthcoming sophomore full-length Parlour Tricks on the 24th February, Alcoa give us a beautifully delicate teaser of what’s to come. It’s haunting and instantaneous, you can’t help pressing play straight after it’s finished. Wistful and jangly, Alcoa knock this one right out of the park.


Missing Piece by Pocket Apocalypse
An artful blend of post and math rock, Missing Piece is the ideal introduction to Liverpool quartet Pocket Apocalypse. Melodic and forceful, the track oozes potential and class. It’s a blend of Arcane Roots, Oceansize with a dash of ASIWYFA. Download it for free below.


Satellites by Mew
Everybody needs a dose of Scandinavian experimental pop-rock. You never really know what to expect with Mew, but if this anything to go by then ‘+-‘ (out in April) is going to be brilliant. Commanding pop rock with the groove of Minus The Bear and vocal of Sigur Ros.


Revisionist by Sannhet
A stunning blast of math-metal intricacy, Revisionist is a stunning track that tickles all of your senses. A relentless four minute blast of heavy riffs, intricate guitar parts, confusing time signatures and a crushing rhythm section leave questioning what you just heard, then begging for more.


Run Home by And So I Watch You From Afar
We’ve left the most exciting to last. ASIWYFA are back with the first track to be previewed from their forthcoming album Heirs in May. Run Home, is a thrilling and frantic blend of typically ASIWYFA intricate guitars and double speed drumming. There may be more vocal lines in there but this is the band at their very best and it’s enthralling.

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