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Album Review: Nonstop Feeling by Turnstile

American hardcore punks Turnstile released their debut album Nonstop Feeling last month. While this review may not be exactly hot off the presses it would be a crime for you to miss out on this album.

It’s not your average hardcore punk album, sure there’s all the standard aggression and politicised lyrics, there’s a striking 90’s metal feel the guitar work. Think Biohazard with a touch of Madball. The vocals, on occasion, give a nod towards the Beastie Boys. It all comes together in an eclectic mix – enthralling from beginning to end.

Nonstop Feeling was recorded in Baltimore with Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, Thrice) at Salad Days studio in late 2014. Having a personal and musical history with McTernan, they came together to make a record that sounded bigger and louder than anything previous. The bright colour scheme represents the idea of raw, unbridled expression, positive or negative, that is delivered in each of the twelve tracks. From the signature artwork to the energy infused tunes, this record creates a vibrant slam of emotion that defines Turnstile more than ever as a band leading their own way.


From the release of their 2010 demo to their 2011 Pressure to Succeed EP,  Turnstile have walked a path all their own. A path that has quickly brought them a rabid following based off of their groove driven melodic energies and insane live shows. Having shared the stage with bands like Bane, Trapped Under Ice, Title Fight, Backtrack, and many more, Turnstile have continued to travel and grow. As many attendees to these events can attest, Turnstile is a group that when they play live, no one can sit still.  The spirit of Turnstile’s music is constantly creating converts by their vital and overpowering live shows.

‘Fazed Out’, ‘Bad Wave’ and ‘Gravity’ are fantastic songs that beg you to throw shapes while ‘Bleach Temple’ and ‘Bring It Back’ simmer with aggression and let the guitars attack with waves of rage. ‘Blue By You’ takes you down a poppier avenue, yet it’s every bit as good.

Nonstop Feeling isn’t groundbreaking, you’ve heard the sound before – however it all comes together brilliantly, still sounding fresh. Thoroughly enjoyable and compelling.

AD Rating 7.5/10.

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