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Album Review: Hyperview by Title Fight

American punk rock band Title Fight released their third studio album Hyperview this week. As with previous albums this moves the band forward, they’re an evolutionary band. Each album stretches their boundaries and with it they just keep on getting better and better.

2011’s Shed gave us raw punk with hardcore leanings while 2012’s Floral Green gave us melodic hardcore. Heck you can even go back to the bands roots with 2009’s EP compilation The Last Thing You Forget which showed the bands poppier and punky side. Hyperview takes the progression from Floral Green pushing melodic hardcore to its very limits. There’s a darker mood, coming across with post-punk sounds. There definite nods to the 80s. Imagine the progression of contemporaries Pianos Become The Teeth last year and you’ll be on the right track.

‘Murder Your Memory’ is a beautifully mellow introduction to the album. It’s dark and brooding, setting the mood perfectly with its atmospheric and expansive sound. ‘Chlorine’ bursts to life with a cacophony of guitars, initially you get the feeling of a Title Fight of old before the song settles in and you get the first real glimpse of the jangly post-punk guitar.

‘Hypernight’ and ‘Marhc’ are songs of the highest quality. Both ooze in atmosphere and post-punk guitar work while retaining some melodic hardcore energy and guts. On the latter you can recognise nods towards the guitar work of 80s era The Cure. ‘Your Pain Is Mine Now’ is powerful and commanding. It conjures many dark moods but the overall guitar work leaves you feeling positive and upbeat. ‘Rose Of Sharon’ is stunning track. It channels the magic and expansiveness of The Cure at their very best while wavering towards a New Order style groove. It’s also sees a rare appearance of screamed vocals.

‘Trace Me Onto You’ is a fantastic love song, while it may have the post-punk darkness you can’t help but to move along and nod your head. The riff at the 2 minute 30 mark is to die for. ‘Liar’s Love’ is further evidence that Hyperview is by far Title Fight’s strongest work to date – again it commanding and executed perfectly.

‘Dizzy’ is in a world of its own, perfection achieved. Perhaps one of the most atmospheric songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. The post-punk style may lead to gloomy and dark textures, but they combine wonderfully generating different and subtle nuances on each listen. Previously the vocal may have been towards the top end of Title Fight’s production; here (and throughout Hyperview) it slips into the mix providing another tone rather than a focal point. ‘New Vision’ finishes off the album in real style – it encapsulates the overall feel of the album in just over 2 minute while adding its own brand of feedback and distortion.

Hyperview is an album of real quality. It breaks the shackles of any previous pigeon holing you could have given Title Fight. By far and away their strongest piece of work to date, this is the sound of a band coming of age and doing what they do best. A fine album for anyone; no matter what their tastes. It may only be February, but this will take some beating, an early album of the year contender.

AD Rating 10/10


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