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EP Review: Reptiles by Polymath

Brighton math-rock trio Polymath release their new EP Reptiles on the 16th February. It’s a gargantuan slab of math-rock, full to the brim with intricate guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, dynamic drumming throwing you in different directions and mind blowing time signatures.

Recorded in a week and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Reptiles is a real call to arms by Polymath. With a slew of singles and gigs under their belts this is the bands launching pad to huge things. It’s obvious from second track ‘Babel’ that Polymath are a force to be reckoned with. It swirls and throbs around inside your head engraining itself. The intricate riff will resonate long after it finishes.



Lead single ‘Castrovalva’ is monstrous, the riffs are powerful and the driving rhythm section pummels you to within an inch of your life. It’s enthralling and invigorating. ‘Metamorphosis’ with its expansive intricacies is truly special. The raw energy it conjures is something to behold before throwing yourself around the room with reckless abandon. This feeling is carried through into the other two parts of the song ‘V: Metamorphosis i’ and ‘VI: Metamorphosis ii’. The former takes things down a notch before building and releasing with a wonderfully distorted riff. Naturally it flows seamlessly into the latter with storming and sonically huge riffs.

Like all good math-rock records, Reptiles, will challenge all you know and come to expect from modern music. It’s a compulsive EP that begs to be listened to on repeat. Reptiles will be looked back upon as the moment Polymath pushed the boundaries and became one of 2015s best math-rock bands.

AD Rating 9.5/10

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