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Album Review: Contact Fix by Alright The Captain

Derby based Alright The Captain release their second album Contact Fix on the 2nd February. As with their debut SNIB it’s a ferocious attack of post/math-rock with added churning riffs and monstrous bass lines. It’s a thrilling ride from beginning to end.

Comparing Contact Fix to SNIB and you’ll see plenty of similarities, but you’ll also find a band that has become more comfortable in their sound. This leads to more experimentation and a composure to the sound making you feel like Contact Fix is more like a journey through the minds of Alright The Captain.

Each track is a stunning sonic trip through moments of post-rock expansiveness; math-rock intricacies and blustering riffs that rip through to your very core. ‘Baltrific’ has some delightful guitar moments; you get the feeling that you’re behind faced by a storm of guitars and pounding guitars while the bass is thunderous. There’s a moment midway through the track where the band hone the masterful blend of math and post rock sound of early And So I Watch You From Afar.

‘HBT’ is expansive and takes the math-rock template and stretches it as far as possible. ‘Eagle Hands’ is the highlight of Contact Fix it’s simply stunning. The beautiful guitar lines around the 2 minute mark speak a thousand words. The bass line is a joy – the groove sucking you in begging you to move. The guitars build and build, but the fact that they never explode into raucousness leaves you begging for more. As such it flows wonderfully into ‘Ben & Barbara’ which releases oodles of intricate guitar riffs. There’s a sonic force behind the track that on first listen will leave you speechless. A second listen to ‘Ben & Barbara’ is almost required on every spin of the album just to check that you’ve actually heard such a powerful track and it wasn’t your mind playing tricks. Mind blowing.

‘I’m Not That Smart…’ serves up some of the best bass lines and most crushing riffs, while ‘French Gnome’ closes the album with a master class on how dynamically huge math-rock should be done’. As with all great album closers it takes all the different textures and sounds of the album and wraps them up into a concise 4 minute ball.

Contact Fix should be the album that catapults Alright The Captain into the upper echelons of the math-rock scene. It’s a stunning album that will challenge and inspire. Alright The Captain are a band on an upward trajectory and this is a band at their very best.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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