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Album Review: Black Coffee, Bad Habits by Choke Up

Boston’s Choke Up release their new album Black Coffee, Bad Habits on the 3rd February. It’s the sound of a band that have found their niche and with it a newfound confidence that cumulates in 14 perfectly craft punk songs.

This is emotional hardcore done to a T. Each song lays down sumptuous grooves, churning riffs and vocals wrought with emotion. It’s infectious and instantaneous, a record you can get onboard with and enjoy from the outset. The short and sharp bursts of energy that form each track sucker you in and leave you begging for more.

Things kick off in style with ‘Wildflower’. The intro contains a delicate guitar riff while you’ll find yourself chanting along and throwing your fist defiantly in the air. ‘My Oh My’ and ‘Crosses’ are good honest punk songs, giving you the feeling that this is a band doing what they love, not caring if it’s a shot in the dark – the passion is there in plain sight. The latter has a brilliant hook that begs you throw caution to wind and dance.

This is the real deal. When punk is done correctly you can feel the passion and thirst of the band; Black Coffee, Bad Habits is awash with both. ‘Coldest Brew’ may be one of the slower numbers but the guitars are distinctive with their quality and the emotion resonates long after the track finishes. ‘Marcher’ is a delight with the driving beat and airy guitar, while ‘Woke Up Drunk’ is a slice of unrestrained punk energy – the harness is off and the results are glorious.

There are no weak tracks on Black Coffee, Bad Habits. Each track delivers a fine example of genuine punk that you can’t help but fall in love with. A fine album which you need in your life.

AD Rating 8/10


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