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Singles/Video round up January 2015

Need an injection of new music? Alt Dialogue is here to round up seven of the best new singles and videos release in the last couple of weeks.

Head Trip by Simmer
Ambient punk new comers Simmer announced the arrival of their second EP ‘Yellow Steak’ by releasing a video for lead single Head Trip. It’s a glorious 3 minutes of cultured and mature punk. It’s in the same vein as Title Fight but with a more accessible edge. 8/10.

The Harsh Winds of Rathlin by Axis Of
We recently reviewed Axis Of’s forthcoming new album and were gushing with praise. The Harsh Winds of Rathlin is one of the prime cuts from ‘The Mid Brae Inn’ and can act as a perfect introduction to the album. If you still haven’t heard this track get all over it now, fantastic stuff. The riffs that fill the final 30 seconds are glorious. 9/10

Ruling Class Crooks by Rory Indiana
Brighton alt-rockers Rory Indiana give us a glimpse into their live show with this live version of new track Ruling Class Crooks. You can hear the potential; while it may be rough around the edges this will sound brilliant on record. Big thunderous riffs and a sumptuous vocal combine brilliantly. 7/10

Patchwork and Bone by EMP!RE
After the release of their superb mini album ‘Where The World Begins’ in 2013, EMP!RE prepare for a busy 2015 by picking up where they left off. Back are the big hooks and that distinctive vocal that made them such an enthralling addition to the alt-rock scene. If this is a sign of things to come then this might just be year of EMP!RE. 9/10

The Legend of Chavo Guerrero by The Mountain Goats
The Mountain Goats have identified a gap in the music industry that you probably didn’t know existed… songs about wresting. Their forthcoming album ‘Beat The Champ’ (due in April) is 12 songs all about wrestling. See if their blend of Ben Folds, Weezer and Hulk Hogan does it for you with lead single The Legend of Chavo Guerrero. 7/10

Skin by Marriages
Marriages have married the sounds of Tool and PJ Harvey, and then made the sound more expansive and hypnotising. Skin gives us the first glimpses into Marriages debut album (‘Salome’) due for release in April and if sounds anywhere near as huge as this track we’re in for a real treat. Its full effect may not hit you first time, give it another listen and you’ll find yourself engrossed. 9/10

Half Measures by Falling With Style
What a way to introduce yourselves! Half Measures is a superb slice of hard hitting post-hardcore. Couple the big riffs with infectious hooks and melodies that seep into your core and you’re onto a winner. Falling With Style are set to burst onto the UK rock scene further with the release of their mini album ‘Lost and Found’ in March. Keep your eyes peeled, these boys will be massive. 9/10


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