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EP Review: Sad Sack by Milk Teeth

English punk / scuzz pop act Milk Teeth release their debut EP Sad Sack on the 26th January. Hailing from the sleepy Western town of Stroud you probably wouldn’t image the monstrous 90s washed fuzz punk would be the typical sound of these young upstarts.

It’s a deeply thrilling affair; each track has been bathed in grunge before being put through the punk blender. ‘Bagels’ and ‘Linda’ have the big fuzzed up guitars with a serious punky punch behind them; the dual vocals are a real treat. ‘Melon Blade’ is a phenomenal track. The soaring guitars and female led vocal conjure up a Sonic Youth feeling. A wonderful atmosphere is created, begging you stick the track on repeat.

‘No Fun’ sees Milk Teeth wearing the 90s influences on their sleeves again. This time it’s closer to a Bleach era Nirvana. The screeched vocal and throbbing riffs are equal to Cobain at is most visceral. ‘Trampoline’ is more of slow burner, but just as enthralling. The delicate guitar at the 2 minute mark is wonderful. ‘Vitamins’ closes the EP in real style – raucous grunge with lashings of feedback executed perfectly.

A perfect introduction to the band, Sad Sack is a brilliant EP. Faultless from start to finish, get on the band wagon now as Milk Teeth are bound to explode soon.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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