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Album Review: Chapter and Verse by Funeral For A Friend

Seminal Welsh post-hardcore act Funeral For A Friend release their new album Chapter and Verse on the 19th January. The band has come a long way in the 11 years since their 2003 debut Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation and their peak in popularity. They’ve dealt with line up changes, changes in sound and a move away from a major record label.

The longevity of Funeral For A Friend has to be admired, many of their contemporaries from the early 2000s have faded and split often struggling to hit the heights of their early success. While FFAF may have had similar problems, they slogged it out and come out the other end smelling of roses. 2013’s Conduit was a return to form, Chapter and Verse continues the purple streak serving up 11 prime cuts of heavy, blistering post hardcore. If you’ve been away from FFAF for a while you’ll notice the harder, rawer edge. Their sound will never be as radio friendly as it was at the start, but Chapter and Verse sees a return to the perfectly executed choruses and huge hooks.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a week song here. Every track packs a monstrous punch, the blast beats reverberate around your head; the driving and crunching riffs are a delight and as always Matt Davies-Kreye’s vocal provides a menacing yet instantaneous edge. ‘You’ve Got A Bad Case Of The Religions’ and ‘Pencil Pusher’ are early highlights. You get the feeling of a band breaking free of all expectations and getting back to producing the sound they want to.

‘You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself’ and ‘1%’ are unmistakably FFAF, albeit with a harder edge. You want to throw yourself around and scream along to ‘You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself’ while lead single ‘1%’ will give you a glimpse back to the heights of 2003 – it could easily be considered one of the finest FFAF tracks. The opening riff of ‘After All These Years….’ is crushingly heavy. Team that up with the blast beats and fantastic hook and you’ve got another song right out of the top drawer.

‘Modern Excuse Of A Man’ and ‘Inequality’ serve up more of the big riffs and melodic hooks that make Chapter and Verse such a compelling listen before ‘Brother’ gives us a short acoustic interlude. The album is signed off in great style with the hard hitting ‘Donny’ and ‘The Jade Tree Years Were My Best’.

Chapter and Verse throws off the shackles and gives FFAF a new lease of life. Utterly enthralling from beginning to end; you’ll see nods to the sound which made them such a popular and invigorating band back in the early 2000s but it’s the harder edge that makes Chapter and Verse stand out as the superb album it is.


AD Rating 9/10

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