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EP Review: Don’t Sleep by GutterLIFE

GutterLIFE release their new EP Don’t Sleep on the 15th February. Its unbridled politically charged punk rock. An uncompromising 6 tracks serve up aggression, political commentary and provide a timely wake up call to the punk scene.

It’s not an easy listen, the vocal is decidedly hardcore – it serves it purpose well, acting as a call to arms against the back drop of crunching punk riffs and a driving rhythm section.

‘Dropping Bombs’ is the standout track. The guitars are awash with metalcore leanings at their most abrasive contrasting nicely against the post hardcore style bridge and build ups. ‘Sail Home’ is a brilliant punk song and easily the most accessible on Don’t Sleep. The riffs drive the track whilst also providing some intricate moments.

The short (and not at all sweet) burst of aggression in ‘Symptoms of War’ is formidable while ‘Pursuit of Hopelessness’ could be a Kerrang! friendly pop punk song if wasn’t for the vocal.

Don’t Sleep is a refreshing call to arms, GutterLIFE deliver an abrasive and enthralling EP which will undoubtedly please many a hardcore punk fan.

AD Rating 7/10


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  1. We should play some shows together.


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