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Album Review: The New Sidewalk by Such Gold

New York state melodic hardcore punks Such Gold released their second album The New Sidewalk in November. It’s an essential listen for anybody with even just a passing interest in the genre. It marks a development in the sound of Such Gold, compared to 2012s debut Misadventures, this time you hear the band in a more polished and accessible nature. It’s not as abrasive and reckless, making it a far more enjoyable experience.

A quick scan over the bastion of informed opinions (read as the best place to find the opinion of moron teenagers) that is the YouTube comments section and you’ll find not everybody is happy with the change to Such Gold. The simple fact is that you’re never going to please everybody and a band has to progress. Thinking of the bigger picture and you’ll soon come round to this new version of Such Gold.

The New Sidewalk verges on pop punk territory on numerous occasions. ‘Faced’, ‘Food Court Blues’ and ‘Nauseating’ are prime examples. They are banging tracks, giving you ample opportunity to throw your hands in the air and sing-a-long. The latter has a brilliant riff. They angst ridden lyrics are still present – ‘Don’t Park Next To Me’ is awash with anger – it still works alongside the refined sound.

Some of the guitar work on The New Sidewalk must be singled out for praise. ‘I Know What I Saw’ has a wonderfully cutting intro. Throughout the track the guitar work takes the foreground and it’s a true joy to hear. ‘Morrison’ and ‘Frying in the Mix’ are excellent tracks, while title track and album closer ‘The New Sidewalk’ finishes the album off in real style and is one of many highlights.

It’s become somewhat of a trend this year for bands within the hardcore genre to progress and shift their sound about, Pianos Become The Teeth did it with aplomb releasing an incredible album. While Such Gold may not have gone to those extremes The New Sidewalk is an incredibly strong and enjoyable album. The progression is welcomed and does the band a world of good.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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