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Introducing: Crisis Talks (EP Stream and Review)

We love bringing you new music and with that in mind we give you Crisis Talks from Newport, Wales. Their debut EP, simply named EP presumably to avoid any confusion, is a blend of stadium rock and dark pop songs. Stream the EP in its entirety below.

There’s a certain refined quality to Dave Merricks vocal – somewhere between Brandon Boyd and Chris Cornell. It’s a delightful vocal that will grow on you with each listen. The musicianship has real quality too, you notice the potential with each of the 4 tracks. Opener ‘Monsters’ has all the hallmarks of a stadium rock track, but the real highlight is in the 5 minute opus of ‘Stop The Clocks’. A hundred times better than the song of the same name by Coldplay, it starts off with a mathy guitar intro and wavers between sounding like a blend of Incubus and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

‘Dark Cold Water’ has a darker grunge edge to it – those churning riffs are every bit as compelling. The first half of the track sounds like Alice In Chains before a delicate interlude highlights the superb bass groove.

EP is an excellent introduction to Crisis Talks. There’s potential there – keep your eyes out for these boys.


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