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EP Review: Renaissance by Antoinette

Sparking the truth and fighting against conformity and social standing is what Antoinette do so well on their EP Renaissance. The band don’t take the music for granted or fall profoundly into needless publicity, they’re true to their art and showcase their talents extensively on the record. It’s hard to pigeon-hole the band and that’s what makes them more unique and original. Following trends isn’t so great, it makes you blend into replication, which is a step too far for any band.

The act mould screaming tension with clean vocals, razor sharp instrumentals and intelligent wordplay. These qualities are hard to come by but Antoinette deliver them with sweat to spare. The EP is a very mature release. Big and bold, with character and ambitious songs holding it up with robust strings, like a puppet controlled by a sincere puppeteer. There’s heart and soul too, free flowing and admirable.

The record opens up with Machines. A song formed by electrifying guitars and powerful drumbeats. The screams are infused with a touch of brutality, sending shock waves of intent through the wires of the contribution. The chorus is infectiously concise, managing to keep the songs influence beating away. Misanthopist begins with a grinding guitar sequence that is blistering and sensational. The chorus is fuelled by pessimistic lyrics that build up like a waterlogged dam that eventually splits. These lyrics make for an interesting story that is set in darkness. Avalanche commences with another empowering guitar influence. The chorus is masterful yet again, forcing its point on you and driving home and a message containing estimable views.

Antoinette dish out what they feel on Renaissance, making the listener feel in the process.
AD Rating: 9/10

Guest Reviewer: Mark McConville



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