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Album Review: Fireball of Sulk by Buffalo Killers

Buffalo Killers breach normalcy with their new record Fireball Of Sulk. It’s a collection of monumental songs that plough deep into the mind. Pushing the listener into a psychedelic trip, offering a new musical direction. Embracing old styles with a modern twist is what this band have achieved with their new opus, adding fundamental riffs and riveting lyrics. This record will take you beyond the line, rubbing you up with its magic.
The thumping guitar riffs are brilliant. Played out with a strong hand, enforced with natural talent. The lyrics will also empower you too; they will fasten onto your thoughts. Bridging you away from hollow words that mean nothing. Track by track the record escalates and powers up like a battery, focusing on quality.

The record begins with ‘Blankets On The Sun’. It’s a song that is moulded together with bloodied hands. The guitar vibe is breathtaking and the change in direction is awe-inspiring. The vocals are soft but spit words of pessimism and emotion. ‘Marshmallow Mouth’ hits out with a churning guitar line, embracing the fast paced influence of rock music. This battle hard contribution sparks like a loose wire, opening up the book of triumph and diversity. A solo is embedded in to the fabric of the song, creating a sense of urgency and creativity.

‘Something Else’ is beautifully soothing. It contains the trademark guitar hooks. The change in sound is wonderful. The song falls into a manic state with a blinding solo powering through. ‘In A Number’ opens up with an arena like vibe. It’s very soft compared to prior songs, it streams along like a ballad. The work and effort that has went into it is astonishing and compelling.

Buffalo Killers have notified the world of their musical presence with this golden piece of work.


AD Rating 9/10

Guest Reviewer: Mark McConville

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