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EP Review: Tex-Mexiconomy by We Are Carnivores

We Are Carnivores release their debut EP, Tex-Mexiconomy, on the 10th November. It’s a powerful mix of big churning riffs, hooks and instantaneous harmonies. Imagine Don Broco roughed up around the edges with splashes of Enter Shikari and Reuben and you’ve got their sound nailed down.

It’s refreshing and fun, ‘Quick Question Can’t Stay Long’ is a fist pumping number while the opening riffs and bass groove of ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider’ get you moving.

“On our first ever tour we stocked up with a hamper of supermarket reduced goodies and set off in our hired out van for the next few days,” explains front man and guitarist Harry Christopher. “We were jumping around in it shouting ‘LADS ON TOUR LADS ON TOUR’ and I forgot I was holding an open tub of ‘Tex Mex’ dips. Salsa was everywhere and I was banished to the front seat for the rest of the tour. This was a big factor in deciding an appropriate title for the EP.”

Tex-Mexiconomy is self recorded and produced, with just one microphone in a bedroom, something the quartet are undoubtedly very proud of. That shines throw with raw energy on ‘T.O.W.I.C.S’.

Overall it’s a solid and enjoyable EP, expect to hear a lot more of We Are Carnivores in 2015.

AD Rating 7/10


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