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Album Review: There Is Only You by The Xcerts

Scottish rock trio The Xcerts released their third album There Is Only You earlier this week and it’s a phenomenal return after 4 years of waiting. Blood, sweat and tears went into the recording of this album, but the effort has paid off and There Is Only You should be the album that propels The Xcerts into the mainstream and makes them a household name.

While the lyrics may reflect the anguish that lead singer and guitarist Murray Macleod was going through during the writing/recording of the album it all ends up sounding uplifting and life affirming. Take ‘Shaking In The Water’ as an example, the lyrics are pretty bleak, but the big riffs and hooks turn the feeling of the track around you want to throw your hands in air and to sing-a-long. Hell, you’ll be doing a good job to find a track without bleak lyrics; it’s a break up album – lost love and all that. With the lyrical content The Xcerts will find themselves the darlings of many an adolescent – the opportunity to belt out the lyrics and feel sorry for yourself are present everywhere. That said, it’s all relatable and you’d be made of stone not to feel some kind of connection.

What makes There Is Only You really special though is the musicianship on display. It’s a stunning album full of big hooks and harmonies that will have wide reaching appeal. This is the album that Twin Atlantic aspire to release, while they abandoned much of the energy that made them special, The Xcerts have added a whole new level and surpassed their compatriots. ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Teenage Lust’ are infectious and potential hits, while ‘Pop Song’ is perhaps the perfect pop rock song. The riffs thunder throughout with a piano backdrop adding a delicate bridge. You’ll find it nigh on impossible not to sing-a-long and the line of ‘You haunt me like a pop song in my head’ will be resonating long after it finishes. ‘Kids On Drugs’ is another wonderful alt-rock track, the chorus is simply superb – who needs love? One thing’s for sure, you’ll love this track. Album closer ‘There Is Only You’ is pretty maudlin, but you’ll still find it tugging at your heartstrings before its explosive and fisting pumping finale.

There Is Only You is a stunning return from The Xcerts, with any luck it will catapult them forward and they’ll get the praise they deserve.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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