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Album Review: Pleasant Living by Tiny Moving Parts

American math punks Tiny Moving Parts released their second album Pleasant Living on the 27th October. It marks a band that have grown and become assured in their sound, producing an excellent album that packs a serious punch while having a more refined sound than its predecessor This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship (Kind Of Like Records).

Tiny Moving Parts are a family band from Benson, MN – Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Mattheisen and his cousins–bassist Matthew Chevalier and drummer Billy Chevalier, who are brothers–have been best friends since their childhood. As Mattheisen puts it: “We’d be hanging out every day no matter what.”

That unity is evident throughout Pleasant Living. The sound is tight, with the complex drumming and guitars complimenting each other wonderfully. The math rock style guitars and drumming are set against a wash of punk energy, giving a unique and captivating sound, Dylan Mattheisen sums it up perfectly… “It’s mathy, it’s complex, it’s thought-out, but there’s still an element of having fun sing-along songs in there. We really can’t wait for people to hear the album.

The frantic opener ‘Sundress’ is the perfect statement of intent – the energy and frenzied drumming suck you in, the angsty vocals make you want to sing-a-long while the guitar work is excellent. ‘I Hope Things Go The Way I Hope’ nearly sounds like a mathed up version of Blink 182 – it’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. ‘Saudade’ is a heartfelt ballad and with purposefully suppressed yet intense closer ‘Van Beers,’ it’s apparent from first listen that Tiny Moving Parts knew exactly what they wanted to do with Pleasant Living.

An excellently crafted album, it’s the mark of a band growing up and finding their feet. There are moments where certain songs blend into one another, yet it doesn’t detract from the overall feel of the album. Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth checking out.

AD rating 7/10

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