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Singles Round up – October – what you may have missed

Alt Dialogue has been off getting married and living the life of royalty in the Algarve for the last couple of weeks. So to ease myself back into things I bring you a round up of singles you may have missed in our absence.

Dangerous by Shaman’s Harvest
Big hard rock riffs are the basis of Shaman’s Harvest latest single. It’s American Hard Rock by the numbers, there’s nothing particularly original on display here, however it is thoroughly enjoyable. Imagine a Nickleback it’s OK to like, you wouldn’t turn the radio over if you heard this and you’ll find yourself tapping your foot along. Solid if not ground breaking.

Brain Dead by Triathalon
We’ll get the obvious out of the way – yes that is an intentional misspelling in their band name, god knows why. That aside, Brain Dead is a lovely light and hypnotic track. The band describe themselves as “Motown surf sounds with a twist of experimental sketchiness” which is pretty accurate, although I’d be more tempted to say there’s more shoegaze with heavy washes of 90s indie over the top. Great track.

Hang In By Me Vs Hero
We gave their second album (which this track comes from) a favourable review a while ago and needless to say we love this track too. It’s not one of the strongest tracks on the album though. Me Vs Hero are stronger when the punky guitars accompany the angst ridden vocals, but the acoustic numbers like ‘Hang In’ will probably draw in a new batch of fans. As always the duel vocals are excellent

Band Goes To Space by Tiny Moving Parts
Mix frantic drum parts with a La Dispute style vocal and a simmering punk energy and you’ll be close to the sound of Tiny Moving Parts. It’s short and leaves you begging for more. An ideal snapshot of their new album Entrances and Exits coming out at the end of the month. Keep your eyes peeled for our review of the album.

The Boys and Girls of Misery by Calling All Heroes
Big hook laden choruses and melodic leads makes Calling Heroes firm favourites within the mainstream rock scene. The female lead vocal is superb, throw in some shouted vocals and the 14 year old Kerrang! audience will lap it up. Rightly so, it’s pretty good and refreshing in what is otherwise a stale scene.

I Want You Maniac by The Kut
Fresh from releasing their debut EP, London all girl punk rockers The Kut have released a storming Halloween themed single. Video aside, it’s a storming track displaying the potential The Kut have to be one of the UK’s best and most invigorating acts.



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