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EP Review: Flow by Ivadell

There seems to be countless post-hardcore bands out there these days. The scene at times could be considered a little over saturated…. and then a band come along and make you sit up and take notice. Ivadell do exactly that with their new EP Flow, scheduled for release on the 4th November.

While it may be short – 3 tracks – it makes a powerful and immediate announcement that Ivadell are going to be one of the bands to watch in 2015. The band create a wonderful atmosphere within each song. In mellow moments you can hear the influences of Quicksand and Failure, and then with the big sludging guitars you can hear a hint of the Deftones. The haunting falsetto vocal washes over the expert layers of guitars to craft three truly wonderful and invigorating tracks.

You get a great range with just three tracks. Opener ‘For Love Of Will’ starts off on a gentle pace before bursts of big crunching guitars announce their presence and knock you for six. The vocal lines are superb; you want to throw your fist up in the air and sing-a-long. The guitar part from the 2 and a half minute mark right through to the end is a joy. ‘Breaking Light’ is more atmospheric, displaying the great musicianship within Ivadell. The vocals shine against the musical back drop with a magical quality akin to Chino Moreno. ‘Flickering’ wavers towards the more traditional post-hardcore sound. There’s big hooks that sucker you in and ingrain themselves in your very core. It’s instantaneous and leaves you begging for more.

With a full album pencilled in for release in mid 2015, expect to hear big things of Ivadell. Flow is a brilliant statement of intent and a superb EP. Essential listening.

AD Rating 9/10

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