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Album Review: Gnarwolves by Gnarwolves

UK punks Gnarwolves released their self titled debut album on the 15th September. If you’re even slightly in touch with the UK punk scene it will have been impossible not to encounter Gnarwolves over the last 18 months. Their notoriety and stock has been rising steadily and with the release of three EPs and a collection album, many had tipped them for big things in the latter half of 2014.

Gnarwolves delivers on that promise. It’s a storming, snappy run through of classic punk. The vocals snarl, the harmonies are fantastic and the guitar work is simple yet effective. It’s ridiculously catchy, treading a line very close to pop punk but keeping its integrity in check. This album will surely propel Gnarwolves into the mainstream punk scene.

It’s a blistering attack to the senses. Short and snappy, clocking in at just shy of 28 minutes, with only one of the 10 tracks passing the three minute mark. As you should expect each track still manages to nail the harmonies cumulating in 10 killer tracks. The raucous nature makes you want to grab a beer, throw caution to the wind and party.

While you may not love Gnarwolves on first listen, it won’t take long for it to ensconce itself in your head. By your third listen you’ll be chanting along to every line. ‘Everything You Need To Know’ and ‘Smoking Kills’ are superb tracks, ‘Prove It’ packs a serious punch and the ‘secret’ track at the end of ‘Eat Dynamite, Kid’ is a crunching hardcore metal anthem. However the real gem is in live favourite ‘Bottle to Bottle’ it’s so simple it just works wonderfully. The harmony is brilliant and the hook draws you in and you can’t help but sing along.

There’s an underlying sense of anger and disenfranchisement to the album, ‘Day Man’ and ‘Hate Me (Don’t Standstill)’ being prime examples. It’s delivered in such a way that whilst being catchy and enjoyable you still feel like Gnarwolves are band setting out their stall and telling the world exactly what’s wrong with it.

Gnarwolves aren’t doing anything particularly original, but it’s delivered with real passion and a gusto that seems to be lacking from many of their peers. It’s a great debut and what it lacks in length it makes up for in catchiness and that it’s impossible not to repeat the album as soon as it finishes.

AD Rating 8/10

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