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Album Review: Move On, Make Trails by Lost In The Riots

Sometimes an album comes along and slaps you in the face, blowing you away with its force and emotion. That hit is often made stronger if you’d had no prior knowledge or expectations of the band, the intensity of that hit is multiplied again when a link to the album is dropped into your inbox and you realise your 2 months late to the party. Such an experience has happened to us with the release of Lost In The Riots’ second album Move On, Make Trails. Simply put its one of the most awe inspiring albums released this year.

With Move On, Make Trails Lost In The Riots conjure up a blend of instrumental math rock, post rock and throw in some bigger heavier riffs. Imagine the math and post rock mix of And So I Watch You From Afar, add the expansive post rock of Explosions In The Sky, throw in a heavy dose of hook laden riffs in the style of You Slut!, a dose of Brontide style emotive guitars then add just a dash of Mastadon-esque churning guitar and you’ll be pretty close to their sound. It all comes out sounding unique and utterly compelling.

‘She Can’t See Us If We Don’t Move’ gives us an early hit of intricate guitars, driving drumming and a delicious bass grove simmering just below the surface. The mix of churning riffs and complex delicate guitar work is fantastic, the delicate guitar notes are lavished with emotion, hitting you to the very core. This sets the tone for the rest of the album with every song being a big hitter. ‘Kong’ opens with some heavily distorted guitars before developing into some of the most wonderfully explosive riffs committed to record this year. ‘Dr Nightmare’ starts off in a more relaxed nature letting the complex guitars bounce off a sumptuous bass groove before exploding into a refined cacophony of driving riffs. The guitar work at the 2minute 40 mark is superb, a real hands in the air moment, a hook that any band would consider to be among their best. The quiet moments sucker you in with their emotive guitars which are then carried through into the louder heavier riffs.


You can just imagine sitting in a field listening to ‘Halcyon Days Of Summer’ and letting those astonishingly intricate guitars wash over you. Acoustic interlude ‘Radiance’ is over in a flash but its beauty will resonate, before album highlight ‘Homecoming’ kicks in. It has everything; punchy guitars provide a brilliant hook, there’s a wall of complex guitars, shouted woo’s and some laid back expansive post rock guitars all get the treatment before the acoustic outro. Genius. Both ‘Hey, Deathwish’ and ‘Coney Island’ have all the crunching guitars you could ever need, throw them against the math rock groves and you’ve got two tremendous tracks. ‘Canyons’ starts delicately before blasting into an wall of riffs, turning full circle back to the more laid back intricate riffs. As is to be expected by this stage each individual note is wrought with emotion. ‘Just Tiny Little Rocks’ is the perfect album closer, all the styles and flavours of the preceding 10 tracks are neatly wrapped into one 6 and a half minute opus, simply wonderful.

The real mark of quality when it comes to instrumental albums is when you don’t notice the absence of vocals. The music is so emotive that vocals could only do it harm. Move On, Make Trails will hit you hard and resonate. Lost In The Riots could just of made the best album of the year.


AD Rating 10/10

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