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Album Review: Nervous Like Me by Cayatena

Philly all girl punks Cayetana released their debut album Nervous Like Me on the 9th September. With a string of dates alongside The Menzingers, Pup and Lemuria they’ve associated themselves with the current crop of punk royalty and rather than being pretenders to the throne, their place on that tour was deserved and with Nervous Like Me they deliver upon the initial promise.

It’s raw and rough around the edges. You get the feeling that it’s not quite fully formed and they’re a band still finding their feet. However, that adds to the magic of Nervous Like Me. It’s a ridiculously enjoyable album, spikey guitars, driving drums and full of hooks and catchy harmonies that seem to flourish under a female vocal.

‘Dirty Laundry’ and ‘Animal’ get the album flying with the punchy riffs and harmonies that engrain themselves in your brain. ‘Mountain Kids’ is a little more vicious in its delivery, the guitars a little more jagged and a simmering angst in the vocal. Just as an enjoyable listen.

The true highlight of Cayetana’s sound is Augusta Koch’s vocal, it can split between a delicate tones and be wrought with punk energy and sound as equally as compelling. The band themselves make no bones about their apparent lack of musical know how. It did not matter that these three friends came together to start a band yet knew very little about their instruments. This was their journey to take together. And from there, Cayetana was born. Learning and growing together these friends have crafted a sound that is as organic as music can possibly be.

Nervous Like Me’s high point is the raucous ‘Scott Get In The Van, We’re Moving’. Whether it is the crunching guitar or Koch’s snarling vocal, it comes out as one of the best punk songs released this year. If you’re even half familiar with Cayetana you’ll know ‘Hot Dad Calendar’ and its pop hooks add another brilliant gem to a great album.

While Cayetana may not have fully found their feet yet, Nervous Like Me is a strong and thoroughly enjoyable debut. Raw and rough in the right places, get in on the party early.

AD Rating 7/10

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