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Album Review: I’m Completely Fine by Me Vs Hero

Many bands have fallen foul of the ‘difficult second album scenario’. Some bands never really recover from putting out an album that never matched up to initial promise or disband in the process. Blackpool pop punks Me Vs Hero have had their fair share of issues with their forthcoming sophomore album I’m Completely Fine – worry not though it’s every bit as compelling and fun as, debut, Days That Shape Our Lives.

Written and originally recorded in 2012, the recording process behind the new album was far from smooth as financial setbacks, homelessness, line-up changes and technical issues plagued a band who were hungry to push forward as quickly as possible with new music. During the first half of 2013, the band worked tirelessly at Steel City Studios to obtain the sound which they desired for the album, but by the time of their May Tour supporting Polar Bear Club, they conceded that they would have to try alternatives to get results. Unfortunately, even after months of re-recording, re-amping and re-mixing, they were frustrated by the elusive sound for the new record.

In September of 2013, Me Vs Hero returned to Japan to support The Wonder Years and, after much soul searching, concluded that taking the album tracks to the tried-and-tested Long Wave Studio was the only way to obtain the quality of sound which they needed. The band booked in immediately and began working with long-term friend Romesh Dodangoda on mixing duties, before bringing Chris Gehringer from legendary mastering house Sterling Sound on board for the final touches.

A year on and I’m Completely Fine is about to hit the shelves. Surprisingly, with all the difficulties, it picks up where their debut left off. It pop punk with a big dose of American flavouring. While it may not break any boundaries, it is a cut above anything else going on the UK pop punk scene. The quality is more akin to tour buddies (and scene leaders The Wonder Years).

There’s some massive tunes on display, ‘Opposites’, ‘Rush For Gold’, ‘Marks Of A Slave’ and ‘Heisenberg’ are all catchy as hell. You’ll be bouncing around the room singing a long in no time. The overall feel is of an album which is fun and playful, it marks no hallmarks of a difficult second album.

Strong from start to finish I’m Completely Fine shows what a band can do with some dedication and the desire to get best possible sound.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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