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Album Review: Heavy Fruit by He Is Legend

With the release of He Is Legend’s fourth album Heavy Fruit, it goes to prove a band can, successfully, come back from the brink. Adapting their name from Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel ‘I am Legend’ the band have gone through 3 members quitting the band and a 2 year hiatus since the release of their debut I Am Hollywood ten years ago.

Heavy Fruit is a monolithic slab of hard rock which verges on the progressive metal of Baroness and the grungey hard rock of Alice In Chains. When it wants to be it is crushingly heavy and brutal, while at other times the tracks build up with an almost serene quality. ‘Miserable Company’ has some brilliantly devastating riffs before meandering to a quiet finish. Through all their turmoil the band haven’t forgotten how to write a catchy hook – ‘Something, Something, Something Witchy’ has a hook which would be the envy of any mainstream rock band. Naturally that hook is coupled with some crushing drumming and guttural guitars just to ensure it’s not too accessible.

The opening riff to ‘I Sleep Just Fine’ is fantastic, juddering and spluttering with energy it ends up driving the track with its reappearance. The one constant to He Is Legend has been front man Schuylar Croom, his distinctive and powerful vocal is the lynchpin to the unique sound of the band. You just get the feeling it doesn’t always fit well. There’s no denying the quality or talent, however you feel a rasping or a vocal with a little more edge would work better.

While Heavy Fruit is a good album, there’s too much filler and it could have done with some better direction. Apart from a couple of excellent riffs you could single out, the middle of the album drifts through a hard rock routine without pack any kind of punch. Things improve towards with the excellent trio of ‘Smoker Scoff’, ‘The Carpet’ and title track ‘Heavy Fruit’.

AD Rating 7/10


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