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Album Review: Distorture by Ventenner

Ventenner release their fourth album Distorture on the 1st September. It’s a monolithic blend of industrial electronic beats and big blustering guitars. In contrast to 2012’s This Is The Reason, it has been recorded with a full band and as such it sounds decidedly fuller and dynamically huge. Its more guitar based too, culminating in a fascinating sonic experience.

Naturally the dark alt rock / industrial sound is going to draw comparisons to Nine Inch Nails and the influence is pretty obvious. You’ll notice reference points of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and some Smashing Pumpkins-esque moments too.

Lead single ‘Six Blood’ is a storming number – the washes of guitars are both guttural and superb, but it’s the quieter moments that Ventenner really come to the fore. Take ‘Unaffected’ as an example. The quiet moments lull you in, they’re haunting and affecting, sporadic guitar parts resonate eerily then the track explodes in a cacophony of guitars and driving drums. It sounds superb. Again the haunting and drawn out intro to title track ‘Distorture’ works brilliantly.

It’s a long album, clocking in just short of an hour, and as is the case with most industrial style albums you’ll need to give it your full attention. If you’re easily distracted then you will find your mind wandering at various points. The beats can be subtle and perhaps the more minimal moments can fail to grab your attention at times.

When the guitars come in it acts as an instant brutal assault to your senses. It awakens you and makes you sit up and take notice. The noise is well constructed noise – it bathed in melody and produced to within an inch of its life.

While Distorture may borrow liberally from industrial stalwarts, Ventenner execute it with aplomb. You’ll get the sense you are somewhere between a David Lynch film and Nine Inch Nails concert.

AD rating 7/10

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