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Album Review: Things Change by Late Bloomer

We can only apologise for being late to the party for the second time today. However in true Alt Dialogue style we aren’t going to let an excellent release pass you, our loyal readers, by. With that it’s of the upmost importance that you listen to the sophomore album, Things Change, from Late Bloomer.

Its beauty is in the sounds that it encapsulates. There are moments within Things Change that masterfully mould punk, hardcore, garage, grunge and shoegaze. The dynamics and feel of the album are rooted in a punk and hardcore ethos – you’ll even notice the structure veering towards hardcore at times. Conversely the overall sound of the album comes out of a blend of garage, grunge and shoegaze – there will be numerous times throughout Things Change that you’ll be reminded of bits of Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Husker Du.

While having that smorgasbord of sounds underlying each song are some undeniably brilliant hooks. ‘Use Your Words’ is instantaneously catchy before ‘Dr. Abernathy’ gives a sprawling 6 minute nod towards the nineties while incorporating some sumptuous punk hooks. The fact that vocal duties are shared amongst all three members lends itself to some brilliant melodies, especially evident on ‘Children’. When these melodies kick in, they’re flooded with pop subtleties that draw you in and engrain themselves.

It’s on the slow burning tracks like ‘Mirror’ and title track ‘Things Change’ that Late Bloomer really come to the fore. They wash over you, filling you with a kind of life affirming, chilled out energy. The latter blends a fantastic mix of Pixies-esque harmonies with a crunching riff. It is evident on the nosier tracks like ‘Black Patches’ that there are echoes of peers like California X, Ovlov or perhaps a more melancholy Pity Sex – but again it works perfectly. The bass line from ‘Anesthesia’(sic) is a thing of pure magnificence, while ‘No Mistakes’ takes another great bass line and transports you back to a 90s garage sound. ‘Watching You’ is a short and snappy end to the album, loud and raucous it gives the album a superb chaotic ending.

Things Change is a true statement of intent from Late Bloomer. They may borrow liberally from several sources, but they blend it all together into a sound that is uniquely their own.

AD rating 8/10.


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