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Album Review: The Trick Is Not Minding by Henrietta

In the modern age of having endless streams of music at your finger tips it’s all too common for bands to rush out material. That cannot be said Florida’s Henrietta, after beginning in 2008 the band finally put 6 years of hard work and craft together in their debut full length album The Trick Is Not Minding.

It’s worth the wait too. The band take the template of modern alt rock and mixing it with a punk energy and a 00s emo tinge to produce a unique and beautiful sound. The Trick Is Not Minding goes to prove that sometimes it is better to nurture the raw talent and perfect your sound, if you do you might just come up with a masterpiece like this.

Henrietta began in 2008 with singer and guitarist Manny Urdaneta, who saw music as a plausible and satisfying path after high school. “I always did music projects, but I never really started a band,” he says. “So, when I graduated, I started playing music that summer, kind of did it by myself.” It didn’t take long for Urdaneta to find musicians to support his solo pursuit, but it took time to find the right ones—band members who matched his commitment, shared his ambitions, and yearned to contribute to his enormous, haunting songs. “It took forever,” Urdaneta admits, adding that, until recently, “we weren’t mature enough to write more than four or five songs.” Rather than proceed jejune, Henrietta took five years to mature into its current incarnation.

There’s not a weak track on The Trick Is Not Minding. The variety and different textures are astounding – whether it be Urdaneta’s vocal ripping with passion or howling, or when John Chapman’s drumbeats pounce like a cat, or throb like a headache, or disappearing completely, leaving Urdaneta’s croon to curl above his cavernous guitar all are a joy to experience. Each track sounds dynamically huge too, take ‘A Spectrum’ for example – it has its roots within a heavy rock song but there are quiet moments and the harmony is an absolute delight.

‘Give Up Kid’ and ‘Leave It All Alone’ are fantastic hard rock tunes which would sound perfect in both a small venue or being belted out in a stadium. With the former having some brilliant hooks, it’s one of the real high points of the album. However it’s on the quieter tracks like ‘Brutus’ that you get the sense that Henrietta are a superb band that have bags of potential – it’s an accessible sound that is bound propel them onto huge things. Album closer ‘Orion’ is another high point, mixing the louder moments of its predecessors with an assured and measure restraint.

A testament to how good an album can be when you invest time and dedication into your sound. The Trick Is Not Minding delivers a master class in modern alt rock.

AD Rating 8.5/10


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