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Album Review: Oh So Long by Cassavetes

Cassavetes release their new album Oh So Long on the 26th August. It’s a storming hard rock album full of punk energy and a heavy dose of 90s rock. Short and snappy – the 8 tracks just about break the 20 minute barrier – but it packs a serious, lasting punch. Each track is instantaneous and thoroughly enjoyable.

Originally starting life as a side between Josh Agran (Paint it Black, Pet Milk) and Pat McCunney (Kill the Man Who Questions, Clayton and Fulcrum) with Chris Sigda (Likers) and Jon Murphy (Sore Saints) joining later to round out the group. The band may have a punk/hardcore pedigree, while the sound may have been abandoned for a more straight rock approach, that punk energy and attitude simmers just below the surface.


The sound of Cassavetes sounds like time rock ‘n’ roll straight out of a sweety back bar, you’ll notice the heavy influence of nineties rock – ‘Extra Clear’ has a Nirvana-esque sound whereas ‘Like Ghosts’ has the pop hook ridden mark of The Pixies. At other times the sound verges towards the New York garage sound that The Strokes made their own. Naturally this means that there’s a familiar sound to Cassavetes, but it sounds refreshing in today’s climate.

Even on the punkier songs like ‘So Loud’ the band throws in as many hooks and gloriously catchy melodies as possible. You’ll find yourself chanting along to the chorus before the end of your first listen. The guitar work is also admirable – spikey riffs are interspersed between grungy quieter moments and some classy solos.

The real treat of the album is left until the closer and title track ‘Oh So Long’. It’s the only acoustic track of the album, with that the tone and speed is turned right down to the bone. The serene backdrop and haunting lyrics deliver a beautifully delicate and emotive song. While it tugs at the heart strings it also manages to contain a wonderful melody.

Oh So Long is a brilliantly instantaneous and enjoyable album. What it lacks in length it makes up by packing a fierce punch and ends up being utterly compelling. I defy you not to have this album on repeat.

AD rating 8/10

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