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Album Review: This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank by Adebisi Shank

Naming an album can often be struggle, not so with Adebisi Shank – carrying on the tradition from their debut and follow up, they’ve gone with the simple yet effective This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank. Carrying on another tradition, the album is a glitchy math rock affair with plenty of electronic sounds. It’s a raucous affair, oozing energy and quality it will captivate and enthral you for all 36 minutes.

Where TITTAOABCAS differs from previous releases is in the focus on electronics. With previous efforts it was always there simmering just below the surface, now it comes into main flow adding a wonderful new texture to Adebisi Shank’s sound. Fear not though, ‘Big Unit’ and ‘Voodoo Vision’ are not only standout tracks but also blistering riff heavy stampedes.

In the more electronic tinged moments you’ll be reminded of a cranked up late 90s / early 00s Daft Punk like on ‘Turnaround’ and ‘Chaos Emeralds’. Touches of Zero 7 come through on the more serene ‘Mazel Tov’, yet there’s always the under feeling sense that this is uniquely Adebisi Shank sounding. On the aforementioned ‘Turnaround’ and ‘Chaos Emeralds’ you’ll be subjected to an assault of sounds all completing for your attention. It’s thrilling and exciting, it will make you want to party. The groove to ‘Mazel Tov’ is astounding, where it sacrifices the speed and wall of sound it makes up with an almost jazz like rhythm.

TITTAOABCAS is bigger and more sonically impressive than its predecessors. The intricacies of the bands math rock roots are still there, but the electronic sounds impose themselves creating a more expansive and all encapsulating sound. You’ll have to brace yourself before pressing play, it’s not an easy listen but Adebisi Shank never were. Embrace the chaos and you’ll find a thoroughly enjoyable and life affirming album. Due to the complexity, it has great life span, each listen throws up something different and you’ll find yourself falling in love with it. Exhilarating stuff.

AD rating 8/10


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