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EP Review: Auto Pilot Light by The Come Down

Pop punks The Come Down are about to release their new EP Auto-Pilot Light. It is a snappy hit of pop punk, catchy, fun and full of a sense of reckless abandon.

These days it seems you’ll get a new pop punk band come a long and it’ll be turgid run of the mill, textbook stuff. It’s a scene that is pretty saturated with poor Blink 182 or Green Day imitations. The Come Down provide a welcome exception to that rule.

Let’s make no bones about it, boundaries aren’t broken here, it’s traditional pop punk. However what sets it out from the current crop is that it’s remarkably fun and enjoyable. ‘Start Over’ and ‘Ghost Of You’ are raucous bursts of energy, while ‘No Second Chase’ is infectious. Closing track ‘Our Last Song’ is the most accomplished of the lot and puts most of your current British pop punk bands to shame.

Watch Ghosts Of You below.

AD rating 7.5/10


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