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EP Review: White Lights by Frontier(s)

Frontier(s) release their EP White Lights on the 4th August. It’s a storming emo tinged punk EP. The vocals are impassioned and the guitar work in crunching. It sticks two fingers up to the mainstream, hard hitting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Frontier(s) features former Elliott / Falling Forward front man Chris Higdon and Matt Wieder (guitar) of Mouthpiece / The Enkindels. White Lights follows up the band’s debut LP, There Will Be No Miracles Here, issued on Arena Rock and No Sleep in 2010. The band recorded once again with Elliott / Wax Fang drummer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Young Widows, Coliseum) at La La Land Studios in the band’s hometown of Louisville, KY.

If you’re familiar with Higdon’s previous work you’ll notice the change in his vocal. It is harder hitting, especially evident on EP opener ‘Higher Hills’. The guitar work also has to be commended, excellent throughout, the textures and over lapping layers are particularly enjoyable on ‘Our March’. You’ll find yourself bouncing around the room to final track ‘Bare Hands’ the crunching guitar is delightful.

Overall it’s a mix of Rival Schools and the punk energy of The Menzingers. Excellent stuff.

AD Rating 7/10


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