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EP Review: Make Up by The Kut **WIN A COPY**

The Kut make their comeback, after a four year hiatus, with the release of their new EP Make Up on the 18th August. It’s a timely reminder of the glory days of 90s Alt Rock. Full of fuzzy guitars and angst it takes big influences from the grunge scene yet blends some brilliant atmospherics that would remind you of early Radiohead.

The Kut aren’t just your average all girl rock band. There’s a real attitude here. Lead single ‘No Trace’ is a brilliant alt rock song. ‘Mario’ has some delightfully fuzzy and heavy guitars – it’s almost as if Soundgarden and Hole were put into a blender with The Kut being the result.

“After taking such a long time out from releases (due to some record label misunderstandings), it was a big realisation for us that we’d become stagnant on the new music front”, explains front woman and guitarist Maha, “We made mistakes, the main one being pretty much just waiting. Life has ups and downs, but you just have to get on with it… We never went away, we have just been regrouping”.

Make Up is a great (re)introduction to The Kut. You can win a copy of the album on CD by emailing your name and address through our About page and liking the Alt Dialogue page on Facebook. The winners will be picked at random and will receive the EP on CD before the release on the 18th August.


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