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EP Review: It Looks Sad by It Looks Sad

It Looks Sad release their debut self titled EP on the 5th August. It’s all simmering guitar pop / post punk, blending with a rasping vocal resulting in a captivating 4 track EP.

EP opener ‘Radical’ is raucous and full of energy before ‘Fingers’ goes for a more laidback style, the guitars are expansive and textured wonderfully to create a brilliant atmosphere. ‘Raccoon’ is delightfully poppy, the bass groove and delicate guitar work lead you towards The Cure at their most accessible before the track explodes into life. It’s the highlight of the EP.

EP closer ‘Ocean’ starts of in a laidback nature before blistering with simmering energy around the 2 minute mark, the track sounds fantastic when the energy boils over and becomes a cacophony of rasping vocals and jarring guitars.

Short and snappy, just like this review, It Looks Sad is well worth checking out.

AD rating 6.5/10.

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