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EP Review: Songs To Sleep On by Drowse

Drowse is the solo moniker of Kyle Bates who also plays guitar in Sloths (a Portland OR, based loud band). Drawing from diverse influences like Mount Eerie, astrobrite, Weakling, Slint, Slowdive and Tim Hecker, Drowse writes enveloping songs that are at once comforting and dark. The music is composed with layers of swirling guitars, haunting synths, altered field recordings, distorted percussion and gloomy vocals.

songs to sleep on is Kyle dealing with and reflecting on his near-suicide 3 years ago and the subsequent year of taking lithium. This reflection comes in the wake of his friend’s recent death from semi-related issues. The EP comes with a graphic memoir he wrote and illustrated about that period in his life. Despite the melancholia the music on songs to sleep on remains hopeful—it is intended to be a sonic space that can be visited to find solace from depression.

Unrestrained and captivating, songs to sleep on is a brilliant EP. Opener ‘leaving’ is expansive and full of distortion you can feel the track enveloping you and lulling you into a sense of calm. The pulsating beat that sees out the last half of the track makes you feel part of the track. ‘Needing’ carries on this vein, delving to your very core, while final track ‘waiting’ is hypnotic.

A great EP and well worth checking out whatever your mood and perhaps more pertinently it does its job fantastically. Stream below or order the cassette version here.

AD Rating 8/10

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